robert paul teubnerarchitect

In my mind there is nothing else I could have been other than an architect. From my earliest days, building and art were my passions. So many times in my journey fate directed me to accept opportunities for growth within the discipline of architecture. The journey has been intellectual, emotional, and geographical. My background in sports formed a competitive spirit within me and this spirit flows in my attitude toward architecture. I believe this attitude has made me somewhat different from fellow architects.

My journey spans from an ‘atom’ based method of producing architecture to a ‘byte’ methodology for production of documents. I started drawing with graphite and ink and today my work is produced with digital 3D software and film. This evolution has transformed architecture in a revolutionary manner.

I’m a modernist and believe that architecture has evolved to this perspective. Transgressions of this belief compromise design solutions negatively. I live in the present and future with concepts I design. Strong conceptual ideas that become refined detailed buildings are my goal. Invention and innovation are paramount in my efforts. In designing, my goal is to capture the essence of a program and create a spirit that may move ones soul with physical forms.

I consider myself a digital architect. I am thankful for the digital world in that my abilities to present projects has been enhanced by it. While I still draw and paint with ‘atoms’, when its time to present my ideas to others, the digital world is my domain.

The scope of my work is broader than ever. Design opportunities are varied with regard to scale and geographic locations For me, each design challenge leads to opportunity and solutions that go beyond convention.

Ideas matter.